McDonald’s Menu South Africa with Prices [June 2024]

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Welcome to a culinary journey that will take you through the heart of fast food innovation and tradition in South Africa. McDonald’s, a global giant in the fast food industry, has tailored its menu to cater to the unique tastes and preferences of the South African palate. With an array of items that blend international flavors with local favorites, the McDonald’s Menu South Africa stands out as a testament to McDonald’s commitment to diversity and quality.

In the spirit of exploring diverse culinary landscapes, it’s worth mentioning a similar trailblazer, KFC, known for its finger-licking good chicken. Both establishments have carved a niche for themselves by integrating local flavors into their global menus, creating a rich tapestry of dining experiences that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

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McDonald’s Menu South Africa With Prices

Breakfast Menu Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrices
Egg McMuffin (item only)ZAR23.00
Egg McMuffin MealZAR38.00
Sausage McMuffin (item only)ZAR23.00
Sausage McMuffin MealZAR37.00
Egg & Cheese McMuffin (item only)ZAR19.00
Egg & Cheese McMuffin MealZAR35.50
Sausage McMuffin with Egg (item only)ZAR26.50
Sausage McMuffin with Egg MealZAR39.00
Chicken McMuffin with Egg (item only)ZAR31.50
Chicken McMuffin with Egg MealZAR44.50
Mega McMuffin (item only)ZAR32.50
Mega McMuffin MealZAR44.50
Plain McMuffinZAR15.50
Breakfast WrapZAR27.50
Boerie Breakfast Bun, small orange juiceZAR32.50
Boerie Breakfast Bun, small CappuccinoZAR32.00
Big Breakfast® MealZAR53.50
SA BreakfastZAR42.50
SA Breakfast with CoffeeZAR53.50

Breakfast Meals

Egg Mcmuffin MealR48.8
Sausage Mcmuffin MealR48.8
Mega Mcmuffin MealR63.2
South African Breakfast MealR69.6
Boerie & Egg with Short Filter and FriesR44.4
Boerie & Hashbrown Stack with Short Filter CoffeeR41.7
Sausage Mcmuffin with Egg MealR51.8

Happy Meals Menu Prices

Cheeseburger Happy Meal with CornZAR37.50
Cheeseburger Happy Meal with FriesZAR37.00
Chicken Burger Happy Meal with CornZAR36.50
Chicken Burger Happy Meal with FriesZAR36.00
Hamburger Happy Meal with CornZAR35.00
Hamburger Happy Meal with FriesZAR34.50
McNuggets Happy Meal with CornZAR38.50
McNuggets Happy Meal with FriesZAR38.00

Burgers Menu Prices

Big Tasty (burger only)ZAR59.50
Big Tasty Meal (medium)ZAR74.50
Big Tasty Meal (large)ZAR84.50
Big Tasty Meal (extra large)ZAR89.50
Big Mac (burger only)ZAR31.00
Big Mac Meal (medium)ZAR39.90
Big Mac Meal (large)ZAR49.90
Big Mac Meal (extra large)ZAR54.90
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (burger only)ZAR42.00
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (medium)ZAR51.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large)ZAR61.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (extra large)ZAR66.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (burger only)ZAR47.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (medium)ZAR65.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large)ZAR75.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (extra large)ZAR80.50
McFeast (burger only)ZAR59.50
McFeast Meal (medium)ZAR73.50
McFeast Meal (large)ZAR83.50
McFeast Meal (extra large)ZAR88.50
McRoyale (burger only)ZAR42.00
McRoyale Meal (medium)ZAR55.00
McRoyale Meal (large)ZAR65.00
McRoyale Meal (extra large)ZAR70.00
Hamburger (burger only)ZAR16.50
Cheeseburger (burger only)ZAR19.00
Cheeseburger Meal (medium)ZAR35.00
Cheeseburger Meal (large)ZAR45.00
Cheeseburger Meal (extra large)ZAR50.00
Double Cheeseburger (burger only)ZAR29.00
Grand Chicken (burger only)ZAR46.00
Grand Chicken Meal (medium)ZAR60.50
Grand Chicken Meal (large)ZAR70.50
Grand Chicken Meal (extra large)ZAR75.70
Chicken Burger (burger only)ZAR18.50
Double Chicken Burger (burger only)ZAR26.50
McChicken (burger only)ZAR28.00
McChicken Meal (medium)ZAR34.90
McChicken Meal (large)ZAR44.90
McChicken Meal (extra large)ZAR49.90
Filet-O-Fish (burger only)ZAR29.00
Filet-O-Fish Meal (medium)ZAR47.50
Filet-O-Fish Meal (large)ZAR57.50
Filet-O-Fish Meal (extra large)ZAR62.50
Veggie Burger (burger only)ZAR23.50
Veggie Burger Meal (medium)ZAR43.50
Veggie Burger Meal (large)ZAR53.50
Veggie Burger Meal (extra large)ZAR58.50
Single Jalapeno Burger (burger only)ZAR18.50
Single Jalapeno Burger Meal (small)ZAR27.50
Double Jalapeno Burger (burger only)ZAR23.00
Double Jalapeno Burger Meal (medium)ZAR34.90
Single Boerie Burger (burger only)ZAR19.50
Single Boerie Burger Meal (small)ZAR27.50
Double Boerie Burger (burger only)ZAR23.00
Double Boerie Burger Meal (medium)ZAR34.90
Double BBQ Burger (burger only)ZAR23.00
Double BBQ Burger Meal (medium)ZAR39.90

Limited Lunch Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Cheese BurgerR23.63
Boerie Double Regular MealR56.08
Boerie Burger Regular MealR43.25
Big Mac MealR53.68
McChicken MealR52.07
McDonald’s Menu South Africa


Menu ItemsPrices
Cheese Burger MealR56.9
Double Cheese Burger MealR72.1
Chicken Burger MealR53.1
Double Chicken Burger MealR68.3
Grand Chicken Classic MealR78.4
Chicken Foldover MealR98.7
Chicken Foldover Spicy MealR105
Chilli Cheese MealR63.2
Chilli Cheese Double MealR78.4
Chilli Cheese Chicken MealR63.2
Chilli Cheese Chicken Double MealR74.6

MCD Beef Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Big MacR78.4
Mcfeast Chilli CheeseR131.6
Mcfeast SpicyR127.8
Quarter Pounder with CheeseR87.3
Double Quarter Pounder with CheeseR106.3
Chilli Cheese Double MealR78.4
Double Cheese BurgerR72.1
2 Cheeseburger MealR82.2
BBQ DoubleR72.1
Mcfeast Chilli Cheese Medium MealR131.6
McDonald’s Menu South Africa

McChicken Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Jalapeno ChickenR54.4
Jalapeno Chicken DoubleR69.1
Cajun ChickenR84.3
Chicken McNuggetsR64
6 Pc Chicken Mcnuggets MealR79.7
10 Pc Chicken Mcnuggets MealR97.4
Grand Chicken SpecialR97.4
Grand Chicken SpicyR97.4
Grand Chicken ClassicR78.4
Chicken FoldoverR98.7
Chicken Foldover SpicyR105
Cajun Chicken Medium MealR84.3
10Pc Chicken McNuggetsR64

McCafe Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Coffee BoxR151.4
Coffee Box & 6 Home Style DonutsR201.8
Coffee Box & 6 Glazed DonutsR220.8
McDonald’s Menu South Africa

MCD Family Sharing Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
Beef SharebagR243.2
Chicken SharebagR243.2
Sharebag ComboR243.2

MCD Extra Large Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
Extra Large Big Mac MealR58.73
Spicy Foldover Extra Large MealR78.01
Chicken Foldover Extra Large MealR77.94
Extra Large McChicken MealR53.66
McDonald’s Menu South Africa

MCD Medium Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
Spicy Foldover Medium MealR59.90
Chicken Foldover Medium MealR80.55
Medium McChicken MealR41.43
Spicy McFeast Medium MealR109.49
Big Mac Medium MealR50.91

MCD Promotional Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
6pc Jalapeno Cheese SnackersR32.50
Chicken Foldover MealR73.96
Spicy Foldover MealR67.64
Ginger Melon McFizzR20.56
Snack BoxR119.90
Smarties McFlurryR29.90

McFavorites Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Spicy McFeast MealR100.69
McFeast MealR99.54
Double Quarter Cheese MealR75.65
Grand Chicken Spicy Hot MealR69.37
Grand Chicken Jalapeno MealR68.38
Grand Chicken Garlic Mayonnaise MealR68.38
Grand Chicken McChicken Sauce MealR68.35
McRoyale MealR76.33
Quarter Deluxe MealR54.58
Two Cheese MealR47.99
Two Cheeseburgers MealR55.47
Cajun Chicken MealR62.26
Fillet O Fish Medium MealR46.98
Spicy Cajun Chicken Hot Medium MealR42.99
Veggie Burger MealR51.60
Chilli Cheese Double MealR57.18
Veggie MealR42.99
McChicken Deluxe MealR44.40
Cheeseburger MealR39.89
McChicken Deluxe Spicy MealR44.40
Boerie Double MealR44.16
BBQ Double MealR55.36
Quarter Cheese MealR50.99
Big Tasty MealR83.32
Quarter Pounder with Cheese MealR69.66
Grand Chicken MealR58.50
Jalapeno Chicken Double MealR54.21
6 Nuggets MealR46.99
6pc McNuggets MealR53.28
6pc Spicy McNuggets MealR53.90
McDonald’s Menu South Africa

MCD A la Carte

Menu ItemsPrices
Big TastyR64.27
Big MacR41.80
Cajun ChickenR36.45
Chicken FoldoverR51.59
Double Cheese BurgerR32.39
Double HamburgerR27.49
Double Junior ChickenR29.12
Double Quarter CheeseR46.84
Fillet O FishR29.01
Grand Chicken Garlic MayoR49.12
Grand Chicken JalapenoR48.73
Grand Chicken McChicken SauceR48.73
Grand Chicken SpicyR53.80
Grand Chicken Spicy HotR45.09
McChicken BurgerR32.77
10pc McNuggetsR51.67
McFeast BurgerR69.39
Spicy Foldover AlacarteR44.50
McFeast SpicyR77.78
McFeast Spicy AlacarteR58.72
Quarter Deluxe McRoyaleR40.98
Quarter CheeseR40.92
Quarter Pounder with CheeseR56.95
Spicy FoldoverR51.96
4pc McNuggetsR26.79
Junior ChickenR20.63
6pc McNuggetsR35.71
Four Pack NuggetsR23.00
Six Pack NuggetsR30.50
Ten Pack NuggetsR44.90
Veggie BurgerR32.80
Jalapeno Chicken Single AlacarteR20.72
Jalapeno Chicken Double AlacarteR27.28
BBQ Double AlacarteR26.62
Boerie Single AlacarteR22.54
Boerie Double AlacarteR25.96
McChicken DeluxeR37.75
McDouble BurgerR20.00
McChicken Deluxe SpicyR33.00
Chilli Cheese BurgerR31.41
McDonald’s Menu South Africa

Salads & Vegetarian

Menu ItemsPrices
Green SaladR37.9
Crispy Chicken SaladR63.2
Veggie BurgerR76

Sides Menu Prices

Chicken Foldover (item only)ZAR44.00
Chicken Foldover Meal (medium)ZAR59.50
Chicken Foldover Meal (large)ZAR69.50
Chicken Foldover Meal (extra large)ZAR74.50
4pc McNuggetsZAR23.50
6pc McNuggetsZAR30.50
10pc McNuggetsZAR44.00
10pc McBitesZAR20.00
Garden SaladZAR31.50
Crispy Chicken SaladZAR52.50
Small FriesZAR11.50
Medium FriesZAR17.50
Large FriesZAR20.50
Extra Large FriesZAR25.50
Mini CornZAR10.00
Medium CornZAR15.00

MCD Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Oreo McFlurryZAR28.00
Choc Caramel McFlurryZAR28.00
Caramel SundaeZAR18.50
Chocolate SundaeZAR18.50
Strawberry SundaeZAR18.50
Plain SundaeZAR17.00
Apple PieZAR17.50

MCD Drinks

Menu ItemsPrices
McFizz DrinkZAR20.50
Peach Fuze TeaZAR20.50
Orange JuiceZAR16.00
Apple JuiceZAR17.00
Small ThickshakeZAR21.50
Medium ThickshakeZAR25.50
Large ThickshakeZAR28.50
Extra Large ThickshakeZAR30.50
Small Soft DrinkZAR11.90
Medium Soft DrinkZAR13.90
Large Soft DrinkZAR18.90
Extra Large Soft DrinkZAR21.90
Hot Chocolate (small)ZAR22.50
Hot Chocolate (large)ZAR24.00
Cappuccino (small)ZAR19.00
Cappuccino (large)ZAR22.50
Latte (small)ZAR20.00
Latte (large)ZAR23.00
Filter White Coffee (small)ZAR16.00
Filter White Coffee (large)ZAR19.00
Americano (small)ZAR15.00
Americano (large)ZAR17.50

MCD Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrices
Filter BlackR22.42
Filter Black-TallR32.15
Filter WhiteR23.20
Filter White-TallR32.90
Standard LatteR22.83
Hot ChocolateR28.40
Hot Chocolate -TallR38.90
Long BlackR14.58
Americano -TallR33.40
Standard Hot ChocolateR23.67
Cappuccino StandardR26.87
Hazelnut MochaR37.90

MCD Shakes

Menu ItemsPrices
Vanilla ShakeR36.1
Chocolate ShakeR36.1
Strawberry ShakeR36.1
Medium Chocolate ShakeR39.9
McDonald’s Menu South Africa

Please note that prices may vary slightly depending on the location.

Mcdonald’s Menu In South Africa | Everything about it

At the heart of McDonald’s South Africa lies a menu that effortlessly marries global standards with local flair. This unique blend ensures every item on the menu not only meets international quality standards but also resonates deeply with the local culture and taste buds. From succulent burgers and wraps to mouthwatering sides and desserts, each offering invites patrons on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

McDonald's Menu South Africa With Prices
McDonald’s Menu South Africa With Prices

The Big Tasty Burger

The Big Tasty Burger stands as a monumental offering, a true heavyweight in both size and flavor. Packed with a juicy, seasoned beef patty, topped with creamy, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and a special, savory sauce, all encased in a toasted sesame seed bun, this burger delivers a symphony of flavors with every bite. It distinguishes itself from other fast food options with its hearty size and the rich, complex flavors that make up its unique sauce.

Chicken Foldover

The Chicken Foldover is a delightful twist on traditional chicken offerings. With two perfectly grilled chicken fillets, enveloped in a warm, soft flatbread, accompanied by crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a creamy garlic sauce, this item offers a refreshing change of pace. Its uniqueness lies in the blend of textures and flavors, providing a lighter, yet satisfying alternative to the classic burger.

Spicy McFeast

The Spicy McFeast introduces an exciting kick to the menu. Featuring a spicy beef patty, topped with traditional cheese, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato, onions, and a zesty, hot sauce, all within a sesame seed bun, it offers a spicy twist to the burger experience. The combination of heat, from the patty and the sauce, with the coolness of the fresh vegetables, creates a balanced and exhilarating eating experience.

McFlurry with Oreo

The McFlurry with Oreo is a decadent dessert that has won hearts across the globe, and South Africa is no exception. Blending soft, creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of Oreo cookies, this dessert strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and texture. Its uniqueness lies in its simplicity and the universally beloved flavor of Oreo cookies, making it a comforting end to any meal.

McCafé Specialty Coffees

The McCafé Specialty Coffees range brings a touch of sophistication to the fast food experience. With a selection that includes cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos, made from 100% Arabica beans, these beverages offer a premium coffee experience. What sets them apart is the commitment to quality and the convenience of enjoying high-quality coffee on the go, rivaling traditional coffee houses.

McDonald’s Opening Hours in South Africa

Cosmogate Drive-Thru (Roodepoort)7:00 AM – 8:00 PMN/A
Mall of Africa (Midrand)6:00 AM – 10:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Southgate Drive-Thru (Johannesburg South)6:00 AM – 10:45 PMN/A
Canal Walk (Cape Town)9:00 AM – 10:00 PM9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Gateway (Durban)7:00 AM – 11:00 PM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

McDonald’s Near Me in South Africa

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FAQs about McDonald’s Menu South Africa

What is the cheapest breakfast option at McDonald’s in South Africa?

The Boerie Breakfast Bun is usually the cheapest option, starting at around R29.00.

What are the breakfast hours at McDonald’s in South Africa?

Breakfast is typically served from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM, but hours may vary slightly depending on the location.

How Much is a Big Mac in South Africa?

The cost of a Big Mac is R51.00 in South Africa.

How Much Does a Happy Meal Cost in South Africa?

Happy Meals, designed to bring joy to little ones, start from R49.90.

How Much is the Most Expensive Item on the McDonald’s South Africa Menu?

If we’re talking pure price tag, the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Share Bag takes the crown at R319.90.

How Much is a McFlurry in South Africa?

Regular McFlurries start at R29.90, while the larger Mega McFlurries are R34.90.

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