What is Evri Cub01 Parcel? | Ultimate Parcel Guide

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Sometimes you might come across a term like EVRI Cub01 Parcel, and it can be a bit confusing while dealing with EVRI parcel. Let’s break it down in simple terms to help you understand What is Evri Cub01 Parcel and how to deal with it.

What is Evri Cub01 Parcel?
What is Evri Cub01 Parcel?

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What is EVRI Cub01 Parcel?

EVRI is a company that helps track packages, especially those coming from Chinese sellers. Sometimes, they use the name Cub01 when they can’t figure out the business name of the seller, usually because it’s too long in Chinese or not available.

Reassurance for Receivers:

If you get a parcel with ‘CUB01’ on it, don’t worry! It’s a legitimate way for EVRI to track packages, even if the real seller’s name isn’t shown. It doesn’t mean anything fishy; it’s just a workaround for cases where finding the exact business name is tricky.

What is Evri Cub01 Parcel

How to Track CUB01:

Even though ‘CUB01’ parcels may not show the real seller’s name, you can still track them. If you have any concerns, you can contact EVRI or their customer service. Another option is reaching out directly to the seller to find out the actual business name.

Different Types of Packages:

The ‘CUB01’ label isn’t limited to specific kinds of packages. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, fancy items like Hermes, or anything else, you might see ‘CUB01.’ Just remember to check the business name, especially if it’s in Chinese – you can use translation tools if needed.

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Guidelines for Shoppers:

Translate Chinese Business Names:

  • If the seller’s name is in Chinese, try translating it to understand better.

Shortened Names:

  • Sometimes, EVRI uses ‘CUB01’ when the business name is too long. Keep this in mind while tracking your package.

Contact EVRI Support:

  • If you want more information about the business name, you can contact EVRI support or customer service.

Talk to the Seller:

  • Reach out to the seller directly if you want to know the actual business name connected to your parcel.


In a nutshell, EVRI Cub01 Parcel is just a way to track packages from Chinese sellers. Don’t let the ‘CUB01’ tag confuse you – it’s a normal part of the delivery process. If you ever feel unsure, take a proactive step by reaching out to EVRI or the seller directly. Understanding this simple guide will help you navigate online shopping with confidence, ensuring a smooth experience with your deliveries.

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